3 Ways to Double Book Event Sales

May 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

Book events are the war zones of writers (and other craftsmen and women).

In this literary battlefield, the spoils of war are the attention, interest and, ultimately, the investment of the attendees. While there is no sure-fire formula for book event mastery, there are tricks of the trade to help you stand out. This is a quick post to share some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Bold, clear images


Large cover images of your books, banners and signs work great for garnering attention and attracting readers. I order my nearly all of my marketing materials through visitaprint.com. 

Clear description of your wares


There are different theories about whether or not to include the price of your books and, admittedly, I usually don’t. However, I do often have a visible sign or banner announcing that I’m an author signing copies of my books. 

Conversation Pieces


Not only does the melting clock attract lots of attention and positive comments, it follows the paranormal theme of my books and is a natural transition into a pitch. 


The “Past Lives Bowl” is a game I created to engage visitors at my book events. Since I write a series called “Past Lives” it is a direct tie in to my books. It’s designed to be fun, memorable and another way to transition into a conversation about the ideas and premises of my stories. As an extra bonus, I’ve written my Facebook address on the little slips of paper. 

How to use this information for your own book events

What kinds of images, signs or banners can you create for your books? Can you blow up an image of your book cover? Or an image of yourself? 

What visual aids or props might attract attention and tie into your books? Writing horror? How about a fake skull? Romance in a beach setting? How about a bowl of sand and seashells? 

What games or interactive activities can you use that might tie into our books? Contests are great, but how about other types of activities? Does your book topic lend itself to some type of demonstration? Main character a cook? How about cooking something. Is your book about fencing? How about a lesson?

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What other tips do you have for book events?


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